Health & Safety

We Use Only FDA Approved Make-Up & Face Paints

The materials used for our face painting, consist of professional-grade, theatrical make-up products. They have been purchased from reputable and long-established theatrical make-up manufacturers/wholesalers. FDA health & safety standards. Although unlikely, we cannot guarantee an allergic reaction won’t occur.  If you have any concerns regarding your/ your child’s reaction to products, please discuss with the artist BEFORE you/ your child is painted and or glitter is applied.  A patch test is available upon request.

We want everyone, young and old to enjoy our entertainment. Therefore, for the well-being of all customers, we reserve the right to stop painting at any time should any person become distressed or unsettled.

All our artists are highly experienced and have their own public liability insurance.

Health and Safety Policy

  • ​Children must have permission to be painted and accompanied by an adult and will remain the responsibility of the parent, guardian, or host of the event.
  • We are unable to paint children under the age of 2. Services will only be provided to a consenting child, teen, or adult. We will not render service to those who are crying or who need to be restrained.
  • Please ensure your/ your child’s face is clean with provided cleaning wipes before being seated.
  • Our artists reserve the right to deny service to anyone who appears to be suffering from Cold sores, Conjunctivitis, skin rash/ irritation, open wounds/ cuts, head lice or similar, or severe allergy

To avoid cross-contamination:

  • ​A clean sponge is used per person
  • All equipment is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between guests and events
  • Brush water is changed regularly

If you have any questions or concerns about the details above, please let us know!

Thank you for considering Oh, Fer Cute! Entertainment

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